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(Arts & Culture)
The Madwoman of Chaillot

A poetic satire and a romantic comedy, the drama by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux, written in 1943, was put on the stage of the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in the International Zone, by Ellen. Excellent acting by Afsaneh, Anandamayi, Charu, Daniel, Dodo, Elke, Emanuele, Francois, Ingo, Jeff, Lyle, Mirco, Paul, Samvit, Simone, Veronique, Yuval and guests Asia, Tejas, and Kalou under Trinity coaching. Costumes were made by Agnes, Jean managed the lights, and Julia and Swaha the make up. Read more

Sunday, 02 February 2014
(Arts & Culture)

In a play based on the epic Ramayana, Ravana kidnaps Sita, the wife of Rama, and so Hanuman comes to help find Sita in Lanka, surrounded by the Ocean. The drama was shown in a different, shorter version for the audience to see  the battle between Rama and Ravana. In the battle Indrajit’s, son of Ravanan, kills Lakshmana, brother of Rama, and other soldiers. During the war Hanuman goes to carry the mountain of Sanjivi, full of medicinal plants which will bring death back to life. Read more

Monday, 20 January 2014
(Arts & Culture)
The Viziers of Bassora

Last weekend in Bharat Nivas were held three presentations of the The Viziers of Bassora, a play that Sri Aurobindo wrote in 1905, during his stay in Baroda. The manuscript was seized by the police when he was arrested in 1908, and was considered lost until it was discovered in a cupboard and given to the Ashram many years later, after 1950. The source of the plot of The Viziers of Bassora is one of the numerous stories told in The Arabian Nights, entitled “Nur al-Din Ali and the Damsel Anis al-Jalis”. Read more

Thursday, 19 December 2013
3 portraits for one audio book

Ahelia, a 14 year old Last School student, Yam, a 10 year old TLC student, and Jesse, a theater teacher and actor, share a passion for the theater. Here they talk about their lives in Auroville. Some extracts from their new performance, an audio book based on The Water Book, Jalam and Savita's Big Voyage, are given together with the interviews. Written by Sandrine, it is a marvelous journey with the spirit of water, named Jalam and played by Jesse, together with two Indian children. Savita is played by Ahelia and Sindhu is played by Yam. Read more

Tuesday, 10 December 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Genius Classik Stuff

It comes as no surprise that the Visitor Centre was packed last night. Why? The Genius Brothers and their Academic show "Classik Stuff", of course, and the fact that not many  would dare to miss it. Genius Brothers have, already for years, through the use of metaphorical language and humour, served up some truths. At times unmerciful, they hardly skip any area concerning our lives in Auroville, in order to expose some of the problems that bother most of us, yet providing the frame of humor, we are given the option to shift focus to a lighter point... as we go on searching for meaning in this crazy town Read more

Saturday, 26 October 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Iniki malarkey, nalaki anarchy

A new kids play by Miraculous Production of shy but wildly imaginative Randolph McZozo, supported and well advised through all his endeavours by his faithful companion, the stuffed toy lion Wittgenstein, filled up the Kalabhumi Amphitheater last night. Randolph and Wittgenstein faced a barking dog, crossed a busy road, fished for dinner and delighted the audience. All simple tasks perhaps but alluding to something bigger. As usual with a Miraculous Production there was... Read more

Saturday, 05 October 2013

Jesse is announcing INIKI MALARKEY, NALAKI ANARCHY, a new kids play. Tomorrow evening at 8pm at Kalabhumi we can witness the hare-brained madness that is Miraculous Production's latest foray into crazy nonsense with a cast of 36 children. We are also invited to a Singing Festival - Community Sings on Saturday evening from 7.30 to 9pm and on Sunday from 5 to 7.30pm, at the same space, Kalabhumi (CRIPA in case of rain). It has 130 participants originating from 24 countries. On Monday at 10am at Unity Pavilion: Renewable Energy ... seminar. Read more

Thursday, 03 October 2013
(City Life)
Clowns for light and transformation

Take it all is a silent and poetic play about a happy relationship of two clowns that is gradually destroyed by an escalating conflict about money. The two clowns behind it are Erika and Ovidi, a Swedish-Catalan couple. They performed the play on Saturday night at CRIPA, to the delight of their audience. For the next six months they will travel around India, visiting places and people to shine their much needed love and light. They also hope to break down barriers that people may have against clowning and its transformative power. A conversation with them reveals what it is that makes them do what they do. Read more

Tuesday, 01 October 2013
Austrian documentary, book launch...

In today's news we are featuring an interview with Herbert Eisenschenk, the Director of an Austrian filming crew, talking on the documentary the team is shooting in Auroville. Our second interview is with Harini on a book launch planned for October 2nd. The authors of People and Earth - The Auroville case 1968 - 2008, Henk and Manuel Thomas, will be present at the interactive launch ceremony. Take it all is a clown play that all are invited to see on Saturday at 8pm in CRIPA. Variety show Part 1 can be see on Saturday at the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas. Read more

Thursday, 26 September 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Romeo Juliet
Last night the Abhang theatre group shared with the community at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone a play Romeo Juliet. The play unfolds many questions in the context of structure of relationship, choice, innocence, revenge and hatred. A certain sense of incompleteness pervades within each character when he endeavours to transform his fantasy in to a reality. This in turn makes the character fall into the trap of Queen Mab that leads the direction of the play.

Sunday, 18 August 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare, and brought to us by students of Last School on past Friday and Saturday. Yes, it was a night of Shakespeare, laughter, friends and families under the starlight in the amphitheater of the Last School. Story with its plot is more or less known: two love stories, humor, mischief, conspiracy, and yet ends with two marriages in satisfaction of all parties involved. Despite that director has chosen to stick to the expression of Shakespearian English, all actors proved their ability and maturity in performing. Read more

Sunday, 28 April 2013
A Book Event, Open Houses, Play
Tonight at 7.30pm at Pitanga a book event, Blood, Sweat and Tears - a debut novel by a young Chennai author Arya Rajam. Saturday . morning 9:30 -12:30 at Unity Pavilion in International Zone University of Human Unity is holding A Seminar on the practical and theoretical interpretation of Art and Music In search of Integral Paradigm of Knowledge - Exploring the artistic approach to Knowledge . Led by Ladislav and Pushkar. Open Houses - TLC 25th April at 3pm at Fertile and on 26.4. Mohanam Kindergarten in Sanjeevi Nagar village 5.30 and 7pm Read more

Monday, 22 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
KAMBA Literary Festival
All was invited to participate in the Literary Festival of Kamba Ramayana on 31st March 2013 Sunday at Bharat Nivas, Auroville. A whole day full of lectures, discussions, music, dance and theater lead by great scholars and reputed personalities to address our students, staff and public from Auroville region. This event was organized by the Tamil Heritage Centre to celebrate the Kamba Literary Festival. Kamba lived almost 1000 years ago during the Chola dynasty from the centre part of Tamil Nadu and wrote Ramayana in Tamil. Read more

Tuesday, 02 April 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Samuel Beckett and Franz Kafka
Der deutsche Schauspieler Nikolaus Deutsch hat am 24.3.13 zwei kurze Einpersonenstuecke 'Der Anfang vom Ende' im Unity Pavilion vorgetragen. Das Thema beider Darstellungen von Kafka und Beckett war die menschliche Unzulaenglichkeit und ein Spiegelbild unserer Ignoranz der Evolution. A presentation made by Nikolaus about the theme of the two representations of Kafka and Beckett was human inadequacy and a reflection of our ignorance of evolution. An event organized by the German Pavilion and hosted at the Unity Pavilion on the 24th of March 2013. Read more

Wednesday, 27 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Our Theatre with Prelude
With Jill - member of Auroville Theatre Group, Chankaya - a writer and director of Prelud and Vivek - an actor we were trying to find out what has triggered for Prelude to come on the stage. On solo performance, where we can see how society does define one's life, the team was working more than a year, and it was a true collaboration in creative process. The main conflict of the character lies in the relationship between the mother and son, where she represents home, religious and moral backgrounds and he tries to brake those in secrecy. Read more

Saturday, 09 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
On the minimalistic setting of the stage, which comes to life with light effects and sound, a man relives certain moments of his life. Vivek Vijayakumaran in this solo performance brings to the audience amazingly vivid all those moments which seems to be the ones defining the man's life. His questions are also very intimately connected with social parameters, hypocrisy and religious beliefs. Great theater solo performance touching essentials of Indian diverse society in cultural and religious backgrounds. Read more

Saturday, 09 March 2013
Music, Music and Ecology
Pavillon de France presents tomorrow at 7.30pm at Ptianga a concert with Morice Benin who is a troubadur of brotherhood giving to the community an evening of French chansons. On Wednesday at 7.30pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone, Pandit Shivnath Mishra will be performing in a jugalbandi with his son, also on Sitar, and Prashant Mishra on Tabla. A day before, tomorrow they will perform in the Ashram School in Pondicherry at 8.30pm . PRELUDE by Our Theater from (Bangalore) at CRIPA Read more

Monday, 04 March 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Auroville Choir

Come and relive the moment of soothing melodies. The choir preformed a classic and modern repertoire. In total ten songs where sung, some sacred, contemporary, gospel, traditional and pop choral music to the delight of the audience., The choir is mainly Aurovillian but some participants from Pondecherry also. With Nuria in the driving seat and Matt on the piano nothing could go wrong. Thanks to the Auroville Choir it was a great success again. PS The Choir is looking for some male voices. Read more


Tuesday, 19 February 2013
(Arts & Culture)

This play in 5 Acts is located in Syria of the playwright’s imagination. Rodogune, the Parthian Princess captured by Syria and made attendant of queen Cleopatra. Antiochus and Timocles, the sons of Cleopatra by her first husband, have been brought up in Egypt. At the death of Cleopatra’s second husband, they return to Syria. The selfish queen mistakes fulsome flattery for real love and rejects Antiochus. He revolts to claim the throne of Syria; and both Rodogune and Antiochus who are mutually attracted by love, join together in this venture.... Read more

Wednesday, 23 January 2013
D.A.M. , Mainly Red
In today's news we are featuring short interview with Professor Kostel talking on D.A.M., which is India's first Design, Arts, Music carnival. The festival revolves around the concept of nourishing creativity and it will be held at Ganesh Thottam near Auroville, at the end of the canyon road in green belt. From 25th to 27th at Pavilion of Tibetan culture in International Zone along with Tibetan Students Association of Chennai will present the 7th Tibet Festival. Fashion Masala Show on Saturday at Kalabhumi at 8pm. Read more

Thursday, 17 January 2013
(Arts & Culture)

As it was announced by Jill, the Ibsen was a workshop production by Auroville Theater Group of opera in progress. After only three weeks of hard work and rehearsals, we have had a chance to see for three nights in a row at CRIPA in Kalabhumi an amazing piece where all the actors put the efforts and energy to bring Ibsen's last night alive in front of the eyes of audience. Libretto was done by Ronald Rand, who visited Auroville last year, music composed by Hartmut von Lieres, and the production directed by Jill. Read more

Monday, 14 January 2013
Meditation for Healing
Unity Pavilion invites us on Thursday at 5pm at Peace Table to join a special Meditation for Peace and Healing, focusing on the very important problem of violence against women here in India and all around the world. On 19th, 20th and 21st at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of indian Culture in International Zone at 7pm they will present tragedy The Play Rodongue. On Saturday at 8pm at Kalabhumi the students of the apprenticeship program Lillith would like to invite us for a Fashion Show. The show will present a Fashion Masala. Read more

Monday, 14 January 2013
(Arts & Culture)
Ibsen - Opera in Progress
For theater lovers weekend will bring unique event in many ways. In the interview with director Jill, and actress Heeba Shah we find out why Ibsen, why opera in progress. Libretto was done by Ronald Rand, who visited Auroville last year with his play, and series of workshops, and music is work of Hartmut Von Liers, but however it is, for the first time that Ibsen will be in opera, and it is Hartmut's first opera composing, and for Auroville is the first opera performance ever. Audience will confront with Ibsen's passion for self realization. Read more

Tuesday, 08 January 2013
 Be True Not Violent,

In today's news we feature an excerpt of interview with Jill and Heeba on Ibsen - opera in progress, which will be shown at CRIPA at Kalabhumi on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Next excerpt is from Saturday's recording of "Listening Landscape" at Unity Pavilion in International Zone, presentation of workshop of Manongo Mujica, musician, percussionist from Lima Peru, dedicated to explorations of sounds, and rhythms of tribes. On Saturday Be True Not Violent power point presentation at 4pm at Conference Room in Town Hall Read more

Monday, 07 January 2013
No Subsidies for Gas Cylnders
The Working Committee and the Gas Service inform us that due to LPG regularization process, subsidized gas cylinders will NOT be available any more at Gas Service. From January 1st, 2013 onwards, only non-subsidized cylinders will be provided until further notice. On Sunday, 6th of January, 10:30 – 11:30 am at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education Hall of Harmony we can listen to a Classical Flute Concert with (Bach, Gluck, Mozart, Schubert ...) by Christa Eschmann on flute and Richard Hartz on piano. Intention Experiment continue. Read more

Thursday, 03 January 2013
(Arts & Culture)
TWELFTH NIGHT or What You Will
The Auroville Theater Group with visiting director Haiimanot Alemu from Ethiopia put on the stage of Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas in International Zone, William Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night" or "What You Will". This classical comedy was set in 18th century of India by beautiful costumes made by Kiran, although spoken dialogues were kept to the original version of Shakespeare's play, and language. The play is being performed for three nights - tonight and tomorrow as the last performance. Read more

Saturday, 08 December 2012
Green Tribunal Court, 12th Night

Today's news featuring interview with Sathya on the Chennai Green Tribunal Court hearing from last Thursday where the Pondy Municipal Commissioner got severely reprimanded by the court for not doing his job properly. On December 7, 8 and 9th at 7.30pm Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas THE AUROVILLE THEATRE GROUP Presents TWELFTH NIGHT or What You Will by William Shakespeare ,Directed by Haimanot Alemu At Pitanga, on December 8th at 4pm the opening of "UP Cycling collection" by OK Jeong Le with an Eco musical Performance by Butterfly Read more

Monday, 03 December 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Talent Show

Whole day event of the Africa House - Pavilion of African Culture at Unity Pavilion in International Zone was dedicated to Ethiopia. And as the day has unfolded, aromatic morning of coffee was followed in the afternoon by the Taher's craft and Marc's coffee painting workshops, and to the delight of audience a Talent Show. Those less shy expressed themselves on the small stage of the Unity Pavilion along with African God and Goddess of Rain. No doubt that Haimanot , with Gerhard and Saraswati on flute has lulled all by tunes of evergreen songs Read more

Tuesday, 27 November 2012
(Arts & Culture)
Good Morning Mother
Auroville Theater Group will put on the stage of Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture in International Zone in December Shakespeare's comedy 12nights. Featuring is an interview with Jill and visiting director Heimanot Alemu from Ethiopia. Heimanot known as an actor but presently working as communication consultant in advertising in Ethiopia, also an active member of AVI Ethiopia, has decided for 12 nights because he finds it very universal and humorous, to which he wants to add some "flavours" of the country. Read more

Sunday, 28 October 2012
(Arts & Culture)
High Heels
As it is tradition for the first term holidays, the children of Transition School and TLC spent two weeks rehearsing a play performed last Saturday at the Visitor's Centre: High Heels on the Old Town Tonight. People of the Old Town are producing bricks during the day, but their real life starts at night when the "High Heels" opens its doors. Passing visitors find a friction between owners of the club, imposing strict rules for admission, and carefree dancers, wishing to participate. Dr. Basketball requests from all to search for the solution. Read more

Tuesday, 09 October 2012
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