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(Arts & Culture)
A Song to your baby

Talking to your baby from day one will help the two of you get to know each other, assist your child learning to talk and gives your child a great start. If you could sing a song to your child, that would be the best! If you have songs or stories in Tamil for children, please mail us or contact us at   It will benefit more people like you. Hope you all enjoy the songs from Bhuvanasundhari and an interview from Dhamu. To listen to the interview click on the logo play.


Friday, 30 May 2008
Living in Bliss

Aurosylle, daughter of a Swedish-German couple, was born in Auroville and grew up here. From her trips abroad, she always came back to live in Auroville. Seven months ago she gave birth to her first child, Ishana, in her ancestral home in Certitude. Like her parents, she identifies strongly with the spiritual aspects and ideals of Auroville. Although she also sees the problems within the community, for example the financial difficulties for young people who want to settle down here. Aurosylle says she enjoys the freedom in Auroville and feels blessed to live here. To listen to the interview click on the logo play.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008
(City Life)
Atterrissage à Auroville

Interview de Loren, 24 ans, originaire de France, venue vivre sa première expérience Aurovilienne. Diplômée d'école de commerce, elle fait un voyage de développement personnel, Auroville lui permet de se lancer à la découverte de son Soi avec liberté et confiance. Loren nous montre son point de vue comme volontaire à Auroville. Pour écouter cette interview cliquez sur le logo play.


Thursday, 22 May 2008
Renu`s way

Renu: half Indian, half Swedish, raised by a German stepfather, has returned to Auroville... Renu  came home six years ago, after fourteen years spent abroad. What is the difference between today's Auroville and  the Auroville of her childhood in the late sixties, early seventies? Renu currently lives in a mango field in Forecomers; she is the mother of two children (a daughter and a son) who have American passports. To listen to the interview click on the logo play.


Tuesday, 20 May 2008
Findhorn - AV

Augusta came to Auroville at the beginning of the year directly from Findhorn, a community in Scotland that had always some links with Auroville. From the Park Garden to the Matrimandir gardens: different soils, different souls. The interview is in English and Italian. Augusta continua a sorridere dopo sei mesi di esperienze ad Auroville. Guidata dalla passione per la danza da Roma si trasferisce a Findhorn e poi dopo un primo breve soggiorno decide di passare un periodo più lungo a Auroville rinviando la sua partenza...


Thursday, 15 May 2008
Summer news
The weather  is sunny but partly cloudy; the low is 26, the high 35 degrees. Winds are SW 10 to 15 kph. In today's English news there's an excerpt of an interview with Water Harvest Gilles speaking of the rains, the water problem, and a solution.  There's Maitreyee, another new housing project soon underway to be presented next week and fun for this evening: 'Kirikou and the Wild Beasts' showing at Bharat Nivas Auditorium. or in the picture. 


Friday, 09 May 2008
(City Life)
Water and climate
It rained in March and now in the middle of May Auroville still looks green: might this be a sign of climate change?Gilles is one of the executives of Water Harvest which is an Auroville unit studying water in the city center and bioregion.If danger of drought is over for the present, unfortunately the possibility continues to exist simply because we pump out more water then we receive.  The solution to the problem lies in front of us: the sea. To listen to Gilles' interview click on the logo 'play'. or in the picture.


Friday, 09 May 2008
Uma verdadeira irmandade

To deepen the relationship between Auroville and Campinas and to create new programs together, came to Auroville the official representative of the Secretariat of International Cooperation of Campinas, Giovana Lima. Enjoy the interview in Portuguese and in English. Conheça a irmandade entre Auroville e Campinas e os projetos a serem desenvolvidos em parceria entre as duas cidades irmãs na entrevista com Giovana Lima, representante oficial da Secretaria da Cooperação da Prefeitura de Campinas. You can download the presentation by clicking here.


Wednesday, 07 May 2008
(Arts & Culture)
Workers` Day!

For this week's Tamil program Bhuvanasundari tells the story of the importance for workers on Labour Day, or May Day, which can refer to various labour celebrations conducted on May 1 that commemorate the fight for an eight hour day. May Day in this regard is called International Workers Day, or Labour Day. The first Workers Memorial Day was observed in 1989. April 28 was chosen because that is the anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Friday, 02 May 2008
(Arts & Culture)
Music from the village

This week's Tamil program we have a very special guest Ranganayaki who is from Kottakari village is giving us the essence of the village Music in Tamil Nadu. In villages where farming was the primary work, the ladies who work in the fields used to sing kulavai songs. Tamil music is sometimes categorised into Devotional, Classical and Popular Folk music. Rythms of popular folk music express a vitality which stems from the closeness of its contact with the life of the people.


Wednesday, 23 April 2008
The Bridge of Tamarai

Ulli, who works at Thamarai, is featured in an interview. Thamarai is a cultural center, founded one and a half years ago by Aurovilians Kathy and Bridget. Its purpose is to create a bridge between the culture of the West and the culture of the village. This center is situated in Edayanchavadi; it proposes numerous activities including womens workshops, evening homework support for students and creative activities for children. Tamarai also organizes events to promote Tamil culture.


Thursday, 10 April 2008
Kottakarai Organic Food Processing Unit

Kottakarai Organic Food Processing Unit was started by Sharanam, an Aurovilian (Spanish) with 10 years of experience in the field of agro-chemistry and food technology in Spain, took the initiative to set up an organic food-processing unit in Auroville. Since Saranam went back  Anandi an Indian Aurovilian with a background in nutrition and traditional food production, took over and developed new recipes using varagu, a local grain, and millet mix.


Friday, 14 March 2008
(Arts & Culture)
Women`s Celebration

Mirra Women's Group organized a circle dance and singing programme on March 8th 2008 on account of International Women's Day at the SAWCHU building (Bharat Niwas). Women from the villages were invited to sing their traditional Kummi songs and taught the dance in which several ladies from the group and from Auroville participated. Mirra Women's Group is a group of women from in and around Auroville who meet twice a month and conduct and participate in workshops in activities like tailoring, jewellery making, painting etc, to enrich themselves.

To downlod this program (in Tamil) click . 


Sunday, 09 March 2008
(Arts & Culture)
People`s Songs of the Past

In today's Tamil program the first interview of a new series is presented: 'People's Songs of the Past.' Anjalai, an elderly lady of the neighbouring village of Kottarai, tells about her past, her losses and how she has survived through it all. Through song  the story of her life is told.

Click in the logo play to listen to the program.


Tuesday, 04 March 2008
Tutte le rivoluzioni falliscono

Trascorre la sua infanzia tra suore e comunisti: la sua vita sembrava indirizzata solo verso l'estrema sinistra. L'intenzione di realizzare una societa' ideale si infrange contro la realta'. Lo snobbismo che caratterizzava gli interventi in fabbrica fatti assieme agli amici intellettuali universitari, fanno riconsiderare il suo interesse verso il movimento operaio dell'epoce. Macchina, frigorifero e consumismo si insinuano ed il sogno si offusca e finisce male. La nobile Paulette riapproda alla spiritualita' ricercando nelle sue radici comuniste-cristiane della sua giovinezza le risposte alle domande di sempre. Per ascolare la sua intervista clicca o sulla foto.


Thursday, 21 February 2008
(City Life)
Plantando semillas

Esta semana les ofrecemos la despedida de Mari, la voluntaria de Brasil que ha compartido con nosotros una parte de su tiempo en Auroville, nos explica como ha sido su experiencia como voluntaria trabajando por primera vez en una radio. Tambien le damos la bienvenida de nuevo a Susana, que vuelve tras su viaje, ella tambien nos cuenta como es para ella trabajar en la radio.

Read more


Saturday, 02 February 2008

For Tibetan Kalsang, who is in charge of the Tibetan Pavilion, and and has lived and worked in Auroville for 14 years,  she feels it is a place where she can be who she is. And as such she contributes to the building of human unity. Recently theTibetan Pavilion has finished its fountain, and that adds greatly to the peaceful atmosphere.


Tuesday, 08 January 2008
(City Life)
Movimientos de Africa en Auroville

La entrevistada de esta semana es Ana, una joven de origen portuguesa que esta por segunda vez en Auroville y que vino con la idea de desarrollar un gran proyecto: enseñar Danza Africana a Aurovilianos de todas las edades. En la entrevista, Ana nos cuenta su historia de vida, la importancia de esta bonita arte y como hace para relacionarla con Auroville y tambien con Capoeira, otra de sus pasiones.

The interview that we have this week is with Ana, a girl from Portugal that comes to Auroville to create a proyect that integrate the African Dance with the Auroville way of living.


Sunday, 06 January 2008
Gioia e Yoga

Un cartello con scritto ashtanga yoga appeso ad Auromodelle. Da qui parte l'intervista di Daniel a Monica, milanese di nascita, studiosa di letteratua indiana e traduttrice di autori anglo-indiani. Dal 2001 si dedica allo studio dell'Ashtanga Yoga  presso il Research Institute in Mysore in India. Ad Auroville, “l'unico posto al mondo in cui potrei vivere”, dice Monica, inizia ad insegnare questa pratica ai bambini nel 2003. Da allora gestisce una scuola di yoga ed un sito


Thursday, 03 January 2008
Conociendo Auroville

Esta semana contestaremos a las preguntas que los oyente nos han hecho llegar por email. Son preguntas generales acerca de Auroville que ayudan a tener una idea global de como las cosas funcionan por aquí y tambien responden a algunas de las dudas mas frecuentes de aquellos que quieren conocer Auroville. Si tienes una pregunta, duda o sugerencia, tu tambien nos puedes enviar un email presionando aqui.

This week we will answer all the questions about Auroville that we have been reciving from our spanish's listeners.


Monday, 24 December 2007
(City Life)
The President of India in Auroville

The visit of the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, to Auroville today has proceeded well. On behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu, Mrs. Patil was welcomed by Dr. (Tmt) Poongothai, Minister for Social Welfare. On behalf of the Auroville community she was welcomed by Aster Patel, Mr. Ramaswamy, Krishna Tewari, Shraddhavan, Gilles Guigan, and Hilde and Carel on behalf of the Working Committee. Ms. Patil was accompanied by Mr. Mukut Mithi, Lt. Governor of Pondicherry, and Thiru. N. Rangasamy, Chief Minister of Pondicherry. The President visited the ‘Progress’ meditation chamber in the petal and then went up to the Chamber, where she meditated for some time. She expressed a vivid interest in the Matrimandir and it was explained to her that the physical building is as a landscape of the inner journey. On leaving the President issued the following message: “Auroville is the atom which has the inherent power of filling the world with humanity, peace, progress, tolerance and harmony. It gives a chance to explore by the coming together of the right thinking people of different cultures all around the word.”

Saturday, 22 December 2007
Società di mutuo soccorso

In una piovosa giornata di metà dicembre Marika e Annamaria parlano delle loro vite ad Auroville. Amiche, sorelle o madre l'una dell'altra - o viceversa - da oltre due decenni condividono tempo ed esperienze. Nel suo dispensario al Pitanga, Marika si occupa di omeopatia curando con stessa attenzione uomini ed animali. Annamaria è poetessa e negli anni 70' vince il premio Goldoni a Venezia. Arriva ad Auroville nel 73' dove inizia a lavorare al Matrimandir. E' interessata al mondo dell'arte e pricipalmente alla pittura.

Per ascoltare l'intervista tra scrosci monsonici clicca logo play.


Thursday, 20 December 2007
Toute de blanc vêtue

Toute de blanc vêtue Gangalakshmi passe comme un ange sur son cyclomoteur assise sur un coussin blanc attaché à la selle. Elle va et vient de Savitri Bhavan là où elle travaille à la Maison de l'Agenda de Mère. Elle nous parle de son origine franco polonaise, de ses multiples prénoms, de sa vie et de son travail à Auroville depuis vingt ans, de ses rêves, de ses aspirations, de sa vie future et des ses vies passées. 

Si vous souhaitez écouter l'interview de Gangalakshmi, cliquez ici.


Friday, 14 December 2007
Cosiendo un sueño

La entrevistada de esta semana es Prema, una Auroviliana de origen argentino que nos cuenta como fue el desafio de llegar a Auroville en un momento de grandes cambios y como la lectura le ayudo a encontrar su sitio en la comunidad. Ademas comparte con nosotros su aventura profesional, en la que  le ofrecieron dos pequeñas maquinas de coser a pedal hasta el momento actual, en el que este pequeño taller se ha convertido en Auromode, una empresa con mas de 250 trabajadores.

The interview of the week is with Prema, an aurovilian that came from Argentina and created a fashion company, that started with just two small sewing machine and in this moment has more than 250 employees.


Monday, 10 December 2007
(City Life)
Solution for conflicts

In this interview with Elvira she explains her fond wish to share the art of mediation with Auroville. Elvira has fund raised and organized for professional mediators from the High Court in Chennai to come here to Auroville to expose the community to just what mediation is, in an open meeting with Ms. Aparna Vasu, one of the lawyers who will act as a trainer in January '08 when ten Aurovilians will be selected and trained as mediators. Elvira points out that although conflict is part of life, how conflict is solved is the point. As there is no judgment with the mediation process, as there is complete freedom in using it for all concerned, it seems mediation offers a solution for conflicts in Auroville.


Saturday, 08 December 2007
(Arts & Culture)

Surya, Soleil est une francaise qui vit a Auroville depuis longtemps. Elle nous parle de sa derniere activite: une exposition sur le cinema a Kala Kendra un lieu qui fait partie du pavillon de l'Inde dans la zone internationale d'Auroville. C'est dans cette zone, dans l'auditorium, que chaque Vendredi Surya et l'equipe d'Aurofilm choisit et projecte un film en 35 mm. Parmi les autresa activites d 'une journee bien dense la surveillance autour du Matrimandir et des ses douze petales. Cette interview est diffusee dans le magazine en Francais.


Monday, 03 December 2007
(City Life)

Usha, the new manager of  the Mitra Youth Hostel,  has come a long way. She  came to Auroville at the age of three months and  attended most of the Auroville schools. She started working while she was still in school. She has  worked mostly in accounting related jobs; now working as the  Mitra Youth Hostel manager is a completely new line for her. In an interview with Usha she explains the challenges she  faces in order to run it.

To listen to the interview (in Tamil) click or in logo play.


Saturday, 01 December 2007
Scuola e musica

Anna si trasferisce ad Auroville nel 2003 e si interessa da subito alla scuola materna. Presta servizio nella scuola dell'infanzia offrendo ai bimbi attivita' di tipo artistico. Nandanam kindergarten e' una scuola materna che applica il free progress basato sugli insegnamenti della Madre. La sua giornata e' scandita dai ritmi familiari, Anna ha due bambini, e nel tempo libero si dedica alla danza ed al canto.

Ascolta l'intervista cliccandsul logo play .


Thursday, 15 November 2007
(Arts & Culture)
Bhuvana and Diwali

On this weeks Tamil program Bhuvana of Auroville telling us the story of Diwali, although there are several stories of why we celebrate Diwali, here is one for us:- Narakasur defeated Lord Indra and snatched away the ear rings of Mother Goddess Aditi who is a relative of Lord Krishna's wife, Satyabhama. Narakasur also imprisoned sixteen thousand daughters of Gods and saints in his harem. With the support of Lord Krishna Satyabhama defeated and released all the women from his harem and also restored the magnificent ear rings of Mother Goddess Aditi. 


Thursday, 08 November 2007
(Arts & Culture)

Anandi works with the Entry Service and runs her food processing unit called KOFPU (Kottakarai OrganicFood Processing Unit) She has lived in Auroville for the last 16 years and met the Mother on during a Darshan many years before, when the seed towards Auroville had been planted. Today she speaks about Lakshmi Puja and memories of it in her childhood,  growing up in her family where her father was a singer-poet.


Thursday, 25 October 2007
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