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Conflict Resolution Policy

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The Auroville Council have worked on incorporating feedbacks received into the final document after the General Meeting on 24th of April. .Since there has been very little “negative” feedback that could not either be explained or integrated, the Auroville Council considers this policy ratified and now endorses this as the new Conflict Resolution Policy.
The TRANSFORMATION series tomorrow at Savitri Bhavan between 4.30and 6.30 pm.whereby enthusiasts of Savitri are invited at come with favorite passage from the Savitri, get comfortable among the free-standing painted panels of Adil’s Transformation series, ….and read out the passage that works for you for that moment in time.
2015 Kavunji 2nd group leaves Auroville on May 10th in the evening (Transport Service)and leaves Kavunji on May 19th in the afternoon. The children will be back in Auroville on May 20th early morning.

Silence is always good; but I do not mean by quietness of mind entire silence. I mean a mind free from disturbance and trouble, steady, light and glad so as to open to the Force that will change the nature.
– The Mother

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Transformation seris by Adil
Transformation seris by Adil
Entry Service
Entry Service
Soham invitation
Conflict Resolution Policy
Conflict Resolution Policy