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Cumbia Cumbia

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Cumbia might be the most popular music in Latin America. Today , cumbia is played from the borderlands of Texas down the spine of the Andes to the tip of Tierra del Fuego. Cumbia left Colombia in 60s and 70s and traveled to other countries, and everywhere it went, it transformed itself, adapting to its new environment, sometimes also changing its name… Yet cumbia is a product of history, all the migrations, colonization, and that way is merging different styles and instruments from all corners … to all what is named today Cumbia, with its own originality, and specific, melos and rhythm …. but when one hears it does know that that is CUMBIA.


Grupo Zafra – Cumbia de La Marimba
Axel Krieger – Donde Estas
Los Destellos – Constealcion
Chacalon y Nueva Crema – Amargo Amor
Los Wawanco – El Conductor
Pibes Chorros – Sonos 5 Amigos
Ocote Soul Sound – Cumbia
Group Fanasma – Peligrosa
Los Tigres del Norte – La Banda del Carro Rojo
Celso Pina – Cumbia Poder
Kumbia Kings – Sabes e Chocolate
Kumbia Kings – Subete la Falda
King Coya – Tarpuricusum Sarata
Sabo & Cassady – Esa Loca Cumbia
Sabo & Cassady – La Curura
La Troba Kung-Fu – Rumbia
Vitaly Novich – Cumbia Cienaguera
Damas Gratis – Baila Bien Pu
King Coya – Dougou Badia

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