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Photographer:Barbara | Gregorio, Hannah, Kilan Photographer:Hannah | cotton tree with Photographer:Hannah | cotton tree with Photographer:Hannah | cotton tree Photographer:web | Full Moon in Capricorn  tomorrow 19th

Curiosity and Freedom

Program by :

Second batch of Futures School students – Hannah, Kilan and Gregorio will be with us this week , and we are featuring short interview with them .

On Saturday 23rd at 10am at Unity Pavilion Dr. Sehdev Kuamr within lectures on University of Human UnityBeing & Consciousness will share his third talk –
The Mundane & the Sacred: Are there different Levels of Consciousness

On Saturday 23rd at 3.30pm at Bharat Nivas 1970-1972 reunion to those who stepped into the ‘Auroville Experiment” as kids of our sweet Mother during 1970-72 from Kuilapalayam.

Whoever sincerely enters the path of works, must leave behind him the stage in which need and desire are the first law of our acts.
The Synthesis of Yoga,
Sri Aurobindo

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