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Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | The joy of singing... The Israeli on stage. Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Old timer Johnny representing Australia.<br />
<br />
<br />
Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Swaha. Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Anna Taj, Victoria on electric guitar and Rol on Bass. Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Nandita Didi alumni. Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | Ananda on guitar accompanying the 2 members of the Japanese group. Photographer:Giorgio Molinari | All girls Russian, Belorussian & Ukranian singing group.

Day 2 at the Singing Festival

Program by :

The second day of the Singing Festival, again well attended, started earlier than the previous evening. Jimbo, as the night before, was behind the microphone, entertaining the audience and filling gaps in-between the numbers of the 15 crews of the evening. Singers, although representing nations, were unified when it came to certain songs, and to singing itself. The Singing Festival clearly showed that there are many talents in the community, and that a wish to socialize beyond normal formal frames exists.

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