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Photographer:lana | morning Photographer:lana | Friday 2pm MMC screening with interaction of director Photographer:web | breeeding spaces of mosquitos Photographer:lana | the most dangerous animal on the planet Photographer:web | brain fever Photographer:web | GM of International Zone on 16th Photographer:lana | Take ? what you Need???

Divali Celebrations, Mosquitos

Program by :

ARA introductory meeting today at 4pm at Unity Pavilion.

Monday, 9th of Novmeber Community Celebration of Divali at Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India with fireworks with children at 6pm at SAWCHU, and at 7.30pm Music concert by Anna Taj Band at Sri Aruobindo Auditorium. Tickets available at
Solar Kitchen and Town Hall.

Upasana invites us to celebration of Deepawali on Wednesday 11th from 6pm onward.

On Friday 6th, at 2pm at MMC AV Film Festival Educational Outreach Program invites us to screening of musical fairy tale Die Krone Von Arkus, directed by Franziska Pohlmann; she will be present at the projection of the film.

Financial Service will close down its server from Friday, 6th from 9pm to Saturday, 7th 8am for maintenance.

On Monday 9th at MMC Revival of the Cree Nation in Northern Quebec Audio Visual presentation by Stephen Inglis

Lord, we are upon earth to accomplish
Thy work of transformation.
It is our sole will, our sole
preoccupation. Grant that it
may be also our sole occupation
and that all our actions may
help us towards this single goal.

Words of The Mother, Vol. 13

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05 Nov / 2015

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Friday 2pm MMC screening with interaction of director
breeeding spaces of mosquitos
the most dangerous animal on the planet
brain fever
GM of International Zone on 16th
Take ? what you Need???