Made with Love
by miriam   
Friday, 25 March 2011
Women with Martina (Photographer: page)The difference is in attitude, and to run a successful business or work unit in Auroville, takes much more than just a skillful business plan of action. When you aspire for perfection, it is important to consider the people you work with. Twenty five ladies forms the expertly trained workforce of Naturellement, a unit which produces a wide variety of natural/organic fine foods; everything from Indian pickles to western style breakfast cereals. The surplus of organic fruit grown in Auroville goes into their jams, marmalades and syrups. In over twenty years of existence, always striving for excellence, the results are obvious. We know them by their Naturellement label, by the taste of their delicious starts with selecting the best ingredients, followed by high standards of hygiene. But maybe most important of all is the happy atmosphere among the women, which add the spice of dedication and love!

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Ladies of Naturellement (Photographer: page)