Spirit in Sound
by Mari and Mirjam   
Friday, 25 March 2011
Exhibition at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture (Photographer: Lalit)Svaram started as a social development project with local unemployed youngsters. But in over more than a decade, it has developed into a real research enterprise in sound. It is a work in matter with sounds, which helps to symbolically manifest and reflect, through the craft-work, the deep underlying vision in Auroville. Svaram researches and produces a wide variety of ‘world-music instruments' from original and primal sound- makers to sophisticated string resonators, which find application in the emerging field of music education, sound therapy and personal growth. To Aurelio, musical instruments are like archetypal principles and as such limited to what one can do with them, but it does allow him to manifest some of the research in sound in the quest for that "unique sound of Auroville."

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Testing the sound by Aurelio (Photographer: Lalit) Wind Chimes (Photographer: Lalit) Music Generator (Photographer: Lalit) Outside exhibition (Photographer: Lalit) Exhibition - Pavilion of Tibetan Culture (Photographer: Lalit)