The meaning behind a tree
by Montse   
Monday, 09 January 2012
Uma (Photographer: Upasana)The old and symbolic mother-tree of Upasana felt over their roof during the last cyclone in Auroville. But Uma, the funder of the organization, has decided to keep material frustration aside and focus on the meanings behind this event. Next to the construction site she talks about Upasana, its foundations and the effects of the cyclone over the building and community.

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"Taking it gracefully, ear what mother nature have to say, ear what future have to say; and what will be our actions aligned to that is what is more important to me than anything else" she reflects; and finishes sharing with Auroville Radio her impressions and activities during the day in which cyclone Thane visit our community. The mother-tree after the cyclone (Photographer: Upasana) The mother-tree after the cyclone 2 (Photographer: Upasana) Meeting Room after Cyclone (Photographer: Upasana) Damage on the roof (Photographer: Upasana) Working on the roof (Photographer: Montse) Upasana (Photographer: Montse)