UnLtd Tamil Nadu
by Herman   
Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Gijs Spoor (Photographer: Gijs Spoor)UnLtd Tamil Nadu is a local social entrepreneurship initiative started by Gijs Spoor. It helps 10 to 20 high impact start-ups a year with coaching and seed funding. This is acrross all sectors incl. health, waste, food, education, energy, crafts, livelihoods,etc. They offer training, coauching, Access to mentors, peerlearning platforms and follow-up investors. They will join a rapidly growing community of changemakers incubated in the UnLtd style of ‘founder focused’ personal and professional development. aurovillehub.wordpress.com

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Gijs Spoor (Photographer: Veronica) Gijs Spoor (Photographer: Gijs Spoor)