Education Experiences
by Seraphina, Atchuthan   
Friday, 20 July 2012
8th Grade Unicorns Deepanam  (Photographer: Atchuthan, Seraphina)There are about 500 children in Auroville, and most of them are studying in Auroville schools. My friend Atchuthan and I (Seraphina) thought of interviewing some children in different schools and asking about how they feel studying in an Auroville school, rather than elsewhere. We visited Deepanam, and there we interviewed the 8th grade Unicorns class, and later went to Transition to interview some random graded students.

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The children gave wonderful opinions about the education system in Auroville, how it is more a free progress school teaching, and not a place where you are forced to study only. Girls in Transistion school (Photographer: Atchuthan, Seraphina) Priyamvada 8th grader Deepanam (Photographer: Atchuthan, Seraphina) Aaron 8th grader Transition (Photographer: Atchuthan, Seraphina) Devi manasa 8th grader Deepanam (Photographer: Atchuthan, Seraphina) Bhavio 8th grader Deepanam (Photographer: Atchuthan, Seraphina) Ahalia and Bhavia 8th graders Deepanam (Photographer: Atchuthan, Seraphina)