Community service 2012 kids
by Suryan and Milla   
Friday, 27 July 2012
Here Sanata sitting happily in front of ptdc (Photographer: Milla)We have interviewed five students who have been doing the community service this year. The community service is a program thats run by Future school. In this program the first year students have to do three weeks of participating in three Auroville units and services. The idea of community service is for the children to have some experience working in Auroville units and not getting paid!!! While interviewing these children we realized that most of them liked this experience and found it useful.

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Ayanar standing infront of La Terrace (Photographer: Suryan) Seraphina in front of the Kinder Garden playground  (Photographer: Milla) Pavitra with Ishana in Nandanam school (Photographer: Milla) Atchutan on the solar kitchen bench  (Photographer: Milla)