Be true not violent
by Patrick   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013
Be true not violent (Photographer: Patrick)This is a peace program for children, youth and adults, about how they can solve their conflicts peacefully. This is for creating awareness at every age in order to create peaceful surroundings.Be True Not Violent is a violence prevention programme for schools and social institutions. The curriculum is structured in a way so that it can be used internationally: for children in trouble spots, in developing countries and also in a daily environment in the western context.It was written by Rita Erben, Astrid Kummer and Emanuele Scanziani.

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Since August 2012 it was developed as a model project in Aikyam School in Auroville. This International Peace Handbook is also supported by Terre des Hommes (Help for children in Distress, Germany) and will be distributed worldwide. Rita Kummer (Photographer: Patrick) Children attending the program (Photographer: Patrick) A small presentation (Photographer: Patrick) How to deal with teasing (Photographer: Patrick) Shanka (Photographer: Patrick)