Opening Ceremony - part 2
by Miriam   
Monday, 21 November 2011
Auroville International 2011 Ethiopia (Photographer: Antonio)In the continuation of opening ceremony on first day of the Auroville International Conference at the Red Cross Society Training Institution facilitate by versatile Mr. Haimanot Alemu Deepti talked on Auroville and Human Unity as A living expression of Sri Aurobindo's evolutionary vision. Joss has continued with his presentation with tittle On Auroville and the Environment in which we saw an over view of Auroville development trough years. trough his talk he also presented hsi and his team huge work on the project of Adyar Poonga in Chennai.

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Panels on Auroville (Photographer: Antonio) Joss with village children (Photographer: Christian Feuillette) Adyar Poonga (Photographer: Antonio) Adyar Poonga (Photographer: Antonio) Adyar Poonga (Photographer: Antonio) Adyar Poonga (Photographer: Antonio)