Strength in Collaboration
by Monireh   
Wednesday, 08 August 2012
JV presneting Stefan Listrom (Photographer: Monireh)Third talk sponsored by ICITI, which tries to create opportunities for interaction with experts to explore potential linkages and deployment of new tolls in Auroville, was a talk on Collaboration in Research and Education by Stefan Listrom. At NRENs (National Research and Education Networks), they are dedicated to provide services in research and educational networks, they try to disseminate information and results in better ways, in order to help students and researches all around the world. Questions followed the presentation.

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Stefan Listrom (Photographer: Monireh) audience (Photographer: Monireh) NORDUnet (Photographer: Monireh) Collaboration in Research and Education (Photographer: Monireh)