West Africa and Yemadas
by Nola   
Saturday, 02 February 2013

Isis and Rashid, volunteers of Africa House in International Zone (Photographer: Nola)Last night event organized by Africa House and Windarra Farm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone was initiated by Isis, volunteer from Benin, currently working with several NGO's, on Agro Ecological Federation of Benin, at Family Jah - Rastafari Community. As Isis has soon found out that in Auroville the presence of African Culture is very poor, she shared with the community pieces of African culture from West Africa. With Windarra Farm team she has put all her energy to provide the dinner, and Yemadas concluded the night with world music.

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Africa (Photographer: Nola) Jerry, Jaya and Isis (Photographer: Nola) African Night (Photographer: Nola) African Night (Photographer: Nola) African Night (Photographer: Nola) Yemedas (Photographer: Nola)