Seven Jewel of the Mother Earth
by Sebastian   
Friday, 17 August 2012
Michael Miovic (Photographer: Sebastian)Michael Miovic gave a lecture and presentation (at Savitri Bhavan) with title - The seven Jewel-Centres of Mother Earth. Sri Aurobindo, in his short essay "The Supreme Mahashakti", mentions the seven Jewel-Centres of Mother Earth which are locked in the hardness, darkness and inertia of the material Inconscience. To restore the Earth Mother to her own divinity and the earth-existence to its native light and bliss, these centres have to be liberated. This is the task of the Suns of the Supermind. What and where are these seven centres?

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Are they to be found in each of the seven continents? Michael Miovic has done research on this issue and made a tentative general geo-spiritual mapping of the earth by comparing these centres to the seven chakras, and including the subconscient and inconscient. Michael have illustrated his research with a power point presentation, and discussed how considering geo-spiritual forces may be useful to Auroville. Michael Miovic at Savitri Bhavan (Photographer: Sebastian) Presenting his research (Photographer: Sebastian)