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ANGIRAS - talks
by Zoe   
Tuesday, 08 October 2013

ANGIRAS - Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living in Remote Areas (Photographer: Zoe)

The afternoon session of ANGIRAS - Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living in Remote Areas - started with Toine talking on sustainable energy solutions, raising the question if sustainability is not first and foremost about choosing a life style that takes into consideration the environment and already badly depleted natural resources. Nick continued with a SEDAB presentation, focusing mainly on the bio-region and its development. Gijs shared an interesting story about organic cotton and its value chain. At the end of presentations, Chamlaji Gupta from the ashram shared some thoughts on the beginning of a search for "unconventional sources of power". He said that the Mother, in 1966, after the construction of the first solar device in Ashram, commented " ...blessings for the efficacy..."

Creation of a Community FabLab
by Victoria   
Sunday, 14 April 2013
Cesare Montresor (Photographer: Sathish)Cesare Montresor held an open discussion about Opensource Hardware & Community FabLab, a follow-up to its presentation of Opensource Hardware in order to explore (together) with the Auroville community the requirements and opportunities for the creation of a Community FabLab. Creating a community oriented FabLab would enable the Auroville community to dispose of a communal space where to learn, experiment and eventually build their own goods with sustainable materials, thus reducing the costs of production and their impact on the environment.

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HW & SW Do It Yourself
by Victoria   
Wednesday, 10 April 2013
Cesare Montresor (Photographer: Sathish)Cesare Montresor presents a different way to access to goods and technology, getting the inspiration from the world community. "Opensource Hardware", "Community FabLab" and the "Do It Yourself" philosophy are the main concepts to enable a high quality, local and flexible production while providing a public infrastructure for knowledge, creativity and continuous learning. By enabling aurovilians to produce their own goods, a community fablab would on the long run become a way to grow toward a more self-sufficient and sustainable community. Read more

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L`univers a une histoire
by Patrick   
Monday, 17 December 2012
Elisabeth a mis toute sa passion dans cette conference (Photographer: Fabienne)Elisabeth Vangioni, astrophysicienne au CNRS , a remonte pour nous le fil de l`histoire astronomique. Dans un expose clair, precis et accessible a tous elle nous a fait partager sa passion, et l`etendue de ses connaissances. Elle a aussi accepte de repondre avec sincerite et gentillesse aux nombreuses questions de son auditoire, et a termine son expose par une constation simple: la plus grande partie de la composition de l`univers nous est toujours inconnue, mais nous pouvons voir de plus en plus loin.... Read more

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Clare Fanning on Websites
by Jorren   
Saturday, 11 February 2012
Clare Fanning (Photographer: Jorren)Clare Fanning elaborates on the topic of the development of Auroville websites. She shows examples of new 3D methods of creating websites, and she discusses these new possibilities with the attending Auroville International members. Read more

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Effective Microrganism Workshop
by Montse   
Wednesday, 04 January 2012
Dr. Lucas Dengel, Founder executive of EcoPro  (Photographer: Montse)During the last years Dr. Lucas Dengel with the EcoPro team had been working on training people and promoting the use of Effective Microorganism solutions (EM) for the improving of farming sector, waste water treatment, solid waste management and hygiene. Last week a especial workshop open for participants from all around India and the world was developed at the C.S.R. building in Auroville. Read more

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What is ERP?
by Sajju & Pratiksha   
Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Blue Light team, Juergen at the far rightMark Twain once said "The difference between a Miracle and a Fact is exactly the difference between a seal and a mermaid". Auroville's literary pilgrimage and tactful metabolism needs a change. We conducted a short interview with the project holder of Software Solution, Mr. Juergen. "Change is a slow process". Despite of the challenges on the ground, each and every day these computer engineers are trying to change the cocoon of working scenario at Auroville. ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning is the first lane of this change - a future solution for Auroville? Read more

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Allo allo, Mr l`ordinateur...
by Chloe   
Thursday, 22 July 2010

Uriel avec la classe d'Aikiyam School - New creation (Photographer: Chloe)Kolam Computer Training Center c'est le nouveau centre d'apprentissage en informatique que Uriel vient de lancer il y a quelques semaines. La-bas il donne des cours d'informatiques à plusieurs écoles d'Auroville et aux enfants des villages tamouls environnant. Il propose aussi des classes pour sénior et un enseignement professionnalisant sur la création 3D, l'animation et le montage vidéo/audio. Il nous a reçu aujourd'hui avec Pierre dans sa classe. Read more

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