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Photographer:Zala | Emergence Photographer:Zala | Emergence Photographer:Zala | Emergence Photographer:Zala | Emergence

Emergence at Solitude

Program by :

“Home” band Emergence has brought last night at Solitde Farm joy to friends, family and fans. Emergence, an acoustic indo-pop band with electric stage presence is consisting of Krishna Mckenzie on guitar and lead vocals, Mishko M’ba on bass, Karthik Iyer on violin and vocals and Soundar Rajan on drums and percussion.
Mostly known songs from their repertoire, written by band members, and of course life in Auroville brought smiles and memories on the faces of patrons. Besides all, the band’s music does spread the spirit and message of Japanese Zen master and farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, natural farming, as well the importance of local, seasonal food for our health; and not to mention the importance for every community to celebrate together.

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krishna Feb 28, 2017 Reply

get Zala a new camera and some photography classes!

Andrea Mar 01, 2017 Reply

Ciao Krishna, you’re welcome to donate some funds for the new camera and the photography classes.

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