KT Ravindran Regional Development
by Andrea and Ojas   
Monday, 01 April 2013
K.T. Ravindran. (Photographer: Andrea)Auroville’s co-existence within a rapidly growing urban-rural continuum emphasizes on an urgent need to reflect upon the development patterns within the larger bio-region. Auroville’s pro-active role in the development in the region appears as the need of the hour to not only secure land use but to also induce sustainable growth patterns within the bio region. TDC initiated a platform for an interactive brainstorming session for Aurovilians actively involved in the region with our guest advisor Prof. K.T Ravindran from Delhi.

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An intense brainstorming – interactive session focused on ways ahead on 3 key areas/ questions--- 1. Auroville’s role in the region 2. Approach to legality 3. How to connect to the development in the region This brainstorming session with community members was a part of a 2 day workshop on Regional Development with TDC members & Prof. K.T Ravindran. K . T Ravindran has been associated with Auroville for the past several years & this is his third visit. He has been inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s idea of Evolution & therefore takes keen interest in Auroville. He believes that Auroville is well equipped with professionally competent ideas, what seems lacking is the harnessing of some action. He strongly recommends stepping over blocks & controversies in order to move ahead. Prof. KTR opened the session by emphasizing on Auroville being open to the Region, clearly describing in his 7 points towards Sustained Openness to the Bio – region. The white board getting filled. (Photographer: Andrea) Interacting with the members of the community of Auroville (Photographer: Andrea) K.T. Ravindran. (Photographer: Andrea) Ojas taking notes. (Photographer: Andrea) K.T. Ravindran. (Photographer: Andrea) Member of l'Avenir d'Auroville Jean Francois. (Photographer: Andrea)