Keep the Faith
by Lua   
Tuesday, 06 November 2012
Bhaga House at Repos, Auroville beach community (Photographer: Lua)For almost a decade, but surely with acceleration in last year or two, Auroville beach community Repos has been "eaten" away by the severe beach erosion. Bhaga shares with us some thoughts on it... Until recently no speciific action was taken from the official Auroville regarding the problem. Cyclone Relief Team instructed by Working Committee has started to help the community with clean up. This morning along with Satprem and volunteers they have continued with reinforcing the foundations of the house.

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..."many people came down to meet me, they have came with worrying but without faith about positive outcome, as that the Divine Grace has no room in their thoughts, that everything that counts is the advice of the experts, and the materialistic approach as every else on the world...we got very much to learn ... Sri Aurobindo and The Mother indicated how to use the power of thoughts...." Bhaga Bhaga  (Photographer: Lua) Bhaga House, Repos , Auroville Beach Community (Photographer: Lua) Bhaga House (Photographer: Lua) Bhaga House (Photographer: Lua) Bhaga, Boomi, Noel (Photographer: Lua) Consultation and support (Photographer: Lua)