Medicinal Plants at Sapney Farm
by Kristen   
Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Elumalai speaking about soil and plant care (Photographer: Kristen)Many of the plants growing naturally all around us have healing properties. As part of the Earth Day program of events we were invited to Sapney Farm to learn about using medicinal plants. Listen to Elumalai describe the properties of plants from brahmi to hibiscus. What natural preparations can we use for fever, wounds or insect bites? How can we plan and care for an herbal garden? Then hear Sara, long-term volunteer working on her Permaculture diploma, describe some of the Permaculture principles being practiced at Sapney Farm.

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Circular medicine garden (Photographer: Kristen) Elumalai, plant expert working at Sapney (Photographer: Kristen) Group touring Sapney Farm (Photographer: Kristen) Aloe vera and other medicinal plants (Photographer: Kristen) Sara describing her water catchment garden (Photographer: Kristen) Raised beds lined with wood and covered with mulch (Photographer: Kristen)