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Category Archives: Ecology Awareness

Une société plus humaine ?

La soirée du 26 mai au Forum 104 autour de Gilles Boeuf, biologiste et de Patrick Viveret, philosophe sur la question "Quelles nouvelles sociétés à construire ensemble", animée par Nadia Loury, Présidente d'Auroville International France a connu un grand succès. La salle était comble, plus de 170 personnes. Beaucoup d'énergie positive dans l'air, de l'optimisme accompagnait la gravité des propos.

Gilles Boeuf a commencé par raconter l'histoire merveilleuse de la vie depuis 3,8 milliards d'années, des bactéries à l'humain, les défis écologiques qui nous attendent et leurs incidences sur la planète et notre bien être. Il a insisté sur la nécessité d'un changement intérieur, comme l'évoquait, dès 1915 Sri Aurobindo et plus récemment Edgar Morin, qui appelle à la "métamorphose de l'humain" en utilisant la métaphore de la chenille qui devient papillon. Patrick Viveret a posé la question : est-on dans un univers qui a du sens? Il a expliqué le rôle particulier du "ministère de l'humanité " dans cet univers. Il a introduit un élément de compréhension sur la modernité, liée à une conception matérialiste ayant provoqué l'émancipation de la science qui s'est ensuite coupée de la nature. Le pouvoir politico-religieux était et est toujours un frein à l'évolution spirituelle. De nombreuses questions ont été posées aux intervenants.
Nous avons terminé la soirée sous la verrière par des échanges informels autour d'un verre.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Jun 2015

Interview Gilles Boeuf en Inde

Biologiste, professeur à l’Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie et professeur au  Collège de France, Gilles Boeuf préside, depuis 2009, le Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle. Expert français en biodiversité auprès de la ministre de l’écologie.

 Il nous livre ici le temoignage de son experience en Inde et de sa visite a Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Mar 2015

Our Garbage, 1 Hour

Alex, a volunteer from Canada, and the first volunteer at Eco Service started an interesting campaign - 1 hour involvement, where he plea to all of us to know our garbage better, and to actively participate in the segregation of it.  
As environmental consultant he is passionate about the topic, and willing to try some different approaches (with joy and smile on his face) to involve community in the process of dealing with the garbage.

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Feb 2015

Mr Bhaskaran Rao the activist

Mr Rao is the founder of the Center of Media Studies, shares his tireless and dynamic messages as an environmental and social activist. Auroville and Pondicherry are hosting the CMS Vatavaran (environmental) Film Festival where they engage the youth with professionals, educational institutions and Governments to share and empower responsibility and actions for the environment. In this interview he shares the passion. The 2014 CMS VATAVARAN theme was mainstreaming biodiversity conservation at different levels to promote living in harmony with nature.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Oct 2014

Asbestos – What to Do with it?

Topic - health hazardous asbestos , and in the studio we have Margarita and Taranti, and Boris joining us from France via Skype.
The issue emerged after starting the fund raising campaigns for Abri corner roof where three of our services are located. Abestos, although a natural mineral used commonly in constructions but also in home appliances is known by its health hazardous properties, and in Europe banned since 80's. In case of roof in Abri, the question was how to dispose the damaged roof made out of asbestos that it wont cause more damage to the health of the workers. In the recorded Skype conference you can here possible solutions suggested by Margarita and by Boris, and both requires a proper procedure and preparations in advance. There are know three types of asbestos regarding the soil or mine - white, blue and brown, and iron as a structural component plays a crucial role in asbestos toxicity. But asbestos can be remediated either by Fusarium oxysporum or Verticillium sp. whereby the fungi mediation can modify the surface reactivity of asbestos fibers.
The team which is on the case would like to bring Boris to Auroville to deal with that issue properly, and account number for his ticket is FS # 252339.

Comments: 1 Date: 23 May 2015

Alternatives to coal fired plants

Making more money? More pollution? Who will pay ounce more?
Jana from l'avenir d'Auroville & Nityanand Jayaraman writer and social activist from Chennai for coal fired projects showed us live from Unity Pavillion a side of thinking through a film projection about the terrible consequences a new power plant construction near Chennai would make to the soils, water, animals, birds and therefore human beings. Nity explained us with slides the possible alternatives to avoid such a disaster.
Auroville's great consultants is one of them. 
Awareness is the 1st step so watch the Film on youtube "Kayal Kadhaigal"

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Mar 2015

Botanical garden's new Labyrinth

Volunteers, staff and friends of the Botanical Gardens celebrated a new Labyrinth just before the official Pongal Holidays. First we inscribed a pebble with a wish and followed the pathway to the center where it was dropped, later we hugged the old Frangipani tree that was saved from a construction site in Pondichery and at the end a delicious lunch was served. Visit the site for more information on the fabulous work that has been and remains to be achieved! Bryan Walton research on Labyrinths

Conference de Gilles Boeuf

Biologiste, professeur à l’Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie et professeur au  Collège de France, Gilles Boeuf préside, depuis 2009, le Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle. Expert français en biodiversité auprès de la ministre de l’écologie.

 Gilles Boeuf raconte l’histoire de la vie, ce qu’est la biodiversité et combien nous en avons besoin, puisque nous sommes, nous-mêmes, issus du vivant. Il conte des histoires de Nature, source de beauté et d’harmonie. La Vie est une entreprise, hautement durable depuis 3,8 milliards d’années, et dont nous aurions bien besoin de nous inspirer pour que notre humanité survive. Pour cela, elle devra nécessairement se transformer, individuellement et collectivement. L’évolution de la conscience serait-elle la clé du changement pour arriver à « L’Homme après l’homme » ?

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Mar 2015

Biodiversity – Our Future

Giille Boeuf, professor at the University Pierre-et-Marrie Curie and professor at the college de France shared with the community yesterday at Unity Pavilion, International Zone an interesting talk - Biodiversity: From the Ocean and the Forest to the City. A condense overview of life on our planet Earth consisting of 3,8 billion years of high sustainability. Where do we stand now, what we need to do in order to survive, and safe the life... what transformation we should do, individually and collectively..... Professor Boeuf tried to answer on those questions with his talk.

Rinpoche visits Last School

Within two days of visit of His Holiness Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche in Auroville he, amongst other, stopped at Last School. The main purpose of his visit of students was to share some inspiring thoughts, examples on sustainability, and the projects he supports in the nearby villages of his residence. His Holiness is of a strong opinion that situation requires rise in the awareness of ecological issues, and tries to deliver the message across on the Buddhist way. This is supported by some direct actions. He is very positive about the changes that are happening globally today