Wind Turbines at Windarra Farm
by Rebecca   
Monday, 05 March 2012
the team works on building a homemade wind turbine (Photographer: Calliope Bosen)In recent years, there has much research and experimentation in the field of wind energy, and the production of wind turbines has become one of the leading examples of renewable energy. Jorge, who runs an initiative at Windarra Farm focused on the production of homemade wind turbines, took some time to speak about his own goals and the awareness of wind turbine benefits. His program, centered in education, brings volunteers and students to the farm to learn how to build their own turbines.

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Jorge poses with two Nepalese volunteers in front of a finished turbine (Photographer: Calliope Bosen) a volunteer student, Rebecca Son (Photographer: Calliope Bosen) the worksite at Windarra Farm (Photographer: Calliope Bosen)