Do you drink Water? Stay Tuned!
by Giuseppe & Maria   
Friday, 20 April 2012
Water in the flyer of the conference about it by Gilles Boulicot (Photographer: Maria)Everyone has time to donate their lives to a worthy cause. Thinking about the priority of the physical human life, just after the air there's water. Thinking only about who needs water to grow up the edible plants we use to eat everyday, it's easy to connect all together in this problem: Auroville water is always less clean and more difficult to store, even in the aquifer. So do we care about it? Nathalie (in the english interview), is one who does care, and for the first time spoke at a meeting: the one of Water

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It is our moment to send the message that we care about it. The simple it is the best she says, now it is just starting a reflection about this that we think as a priority, but soon will be possible a wider dialog that will lead to a connection between all the inhabitants of the region which Auroville belongs to. Working through the consciousness It will be possible to face the situation, so a communication of the magic and sacred world of water it is a way to help awareness to rise in everybody. The way to water is beginning, stay tuned! Nathalie with one of her experiment: a vanilla plant in Auroville (Photographer: Maria) Miracle, named from the Mother, grows up in Nathalie's garden (Photographer: Maria) Pepper plant in Nathalie's garden (Photographer: Maria)