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Photographer:Barbara | Riccardo a volunteer of Auroville Weekend Farmers' Market, and other projects Photographer:web | Auroville Weekend Farmers' Market Photographer:Barbara | Sing for the Climate - Do it Now  at Auroville Weekend Farmers' Market Photographer:Barbara | French presentation Photographer:Barbara | L'ile de Soranil Photographer:Barbara | Naari

Farm Market and Climate Change

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In today’s news we are featuring Riccardo, volunteer of the Localicious Food Movement, beside volunteering at other projects, who invites us to Saturday Auroville Weekend Farmers’ Market .At that occasion Aurovillle Singing Festival invites us to sing along for the climate’s change “Do it Now” . On Sunday 21st September at 5 pm we e will be joining the march for the climate ‘s change all over the World with Pachamama Ceremony “- Ceremony to the Mother Earth in International Zone. Vera will share on 20th at 6pm at PAvilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone benefits of resonating sound chamber.

It is therefore through the sacrifice of love, works and knowledge with psychic being as the leader and priest of the sacrifice that life itself can be transformed into its own true spiritual figure.
The Synthesis of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo

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