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Photographer:Lena | Ajay and Lalit Photographer:Lena | Professor Ajay from Queens Univesrity

Framework for Our Participation

Program by :

With Professor Ajay from Queens University for Urban and Regional Planning from Canada, and Lalit from Auroville Sustainability Insitute we talk about the projects that they were done by the students here in past few years –
1. Urban design guidelines for Crown
2. Sustainable development indicators for Auroville
3. Framework for community participation in Auroville

For this year topic on community participation which will be presented on Saturday 12th between 4 to 6pm at MMC ten students have done lot of work, many hours in different phases, even before coming to Auroville.
The topic is very alive since the beginning but it will require more consistent manner and sustainable effort towards the same goal. This particular exercise gives us a very good glimpse, a possibility how a complex topic like this can be approach.

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