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Fusion, Sarang, Samba de Roda

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Tonight at 7.30pm at Unity Pavilion IZ we are invited by AVI USA to a Indian Jugal Bundi Concert North and South Indian Music Together with Joel Eisenkramer, Gordon Korstange, Rashmi Bhatt and Heather Lee.
Wednesday, 28th at India Space – Bharat Nivas at 6 pm: within SAARANG  festival we can listen to a Presentation of Surbahar by Bhushan KOSHTI and presentation Pakhawaj by Vivek Kurangale After a short introduction on the above two instruments, the artists will give a recital.
Capoeira Auroville organized for us this week samba de roda workshop with Luciana from Brasil at SAWCHU adn Deepanam School.

To live, be and act in a divine, illimitable and luminous universal consciousness open to that which is more than universal, no longer to grope and stumble in the old narrowness and darkness, this is Karmayoga.
– Sri Aurobindo

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