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Photographer:Barbara | Town Hall Photographer:Barbara | Performance  A Life in Her Day, CRIPA 28th at 7.30pm Photographer:Barbara | Town Hall Photographer:Barbara | Town Hall

GM with AVC and WC

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On Wednesday 29th of April at Unity Pavilion, International Zone at 4.30pm  RAS invites us all to a General Meeting with the AVCouncil and the Working Committee.

Tomnorrow at 7.30pm at CRIPA in Kalabhumi we can see a performance A Life in Her Day created and performed by Hilary Chaplain.Lauren Chaplain is offering today at 5pm at Pavilion of Tibetan Cutlure in IZ a vocal improvisation workshop.

Tuesday 28th at 5pm at the La Terrace of the Solar Kitchen The Water Talk team invites us to a presentation on the concept of Neighbourhood water distribution System.

On Friday 1st of May at 6.30 am over the Amphitheatre ? Matrimandir we are invited to witness Paper Balloon An experimental architectural project and later on at 3.30pm we can come to see the floating of the hot air balloon.

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Town Hall
Performance  A Life in Her Day, CRIPA 28th at 7.30pm
Town Hall
Town Hall