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Golden Day

Program by :

Tomorrow at 5.30pm at Unity Pavilion Auroville 50th AnniversaryUpdate and General Information Meeting.

Monday 29th February ,at 5.30 pm Golden Streams, a musical offering Joy – vocals, Nadaprem – Bansuri, Viola and Keyboard, Aurelio and friends – Sound Stones and Singing Metals

Sunday 29th afternoon Evergreen Horses fundraiser

This yoga implies not only the realisation of God, but and entire consecration and change of the inner and outer life till it is fit to manifest a divine consciousness and become part of a divine work. This means an inner discipline far more exacting and difficult than mere ethical physical austerities. One must don enter on this path, far vaster and more arduous than most ways of yoga, unless one is sure of the psychic call and of one’s readiness to go through to the end,
Sri Aurobindo

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The Mother
the Descent of Supramental
Acres for Auroville art auction