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Photographer:Frida | Youth Center is well known for his pizza bakers. Photographer:Frida | There were lots of activities for children. Photographer:Frida | With the flying fox, children could fly from the YC windmill to the tree house. Photographer:Frida | Performance of the South Indian Kathak dance. Photographer:Frida | The Capoiera group showed their fighting art. Photographer:Frida | The candidates which took part in the Cake Competition. Photographer:Frida | Christmas Fair endet with spectacular fire arts.

Happy Summer Christmas

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Youth Center Christmas Fair is one of the winter highlights in Auroville. All Auroville celebrated together with pizza and Indian food. It offered a big variety of activities for children. A big market with stalls from Auroville units and handicraft sellers offered Christmas presents. In the evening, the stage opened for theater, music and dance performances. The Christmas fair ended with a big fire performance.

A sound collage from the different YC playgrounds with music, interviews and atmosphere soundings.

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