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Ten Minutes With Anandi
by Lauren And Louis   
Thursday, 11 November 2010
Raw Meal (Photographer: Lauren Howland)Anandi is a raw food specialist who works at Kofpu, an organic food processing unit in Auroville. After studying at The Tree of Life Institute in Arizona she returned to India and realized that particular practices of awareness during food preparation transcend national boarders and have universal elements. Listen in for the sounds of raw food preparation along with a few hints about the opening of her new restaurant, some benefits of a raw food diet, and the delectable ingredients used in her raw chocolate moose that make it sweet and healthy at the same time. Read more

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Che qualcuno chiami un dottore!
by Mattia   
Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Ayuervedic clinicDopo aver ricevuto qualche dritta e parere su dove vivere e dove mangiare penso che tappa obbligatoria sia ora passare dal dottore. Fortunatamente ancora non caduto preda dei mal di pancia indiani che solitamente attaccano ogni straniero senza distinzioni e preferenze, Mattia si e' finto malato per andar a consultare un medico ayurveda cosi' da darvi la possibilita' di capire almeno in parte in cosa consista questo tipo di medicina.

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Give them Nothing to eat
by Anna   
Monday, 01 June 2009

Ann, Zack, Jordan and EgorGive them Nothing to eat but vegetables and water to drink. They don't eat animals, they love them. Ann, Zack, Jordan and Egor have different reasons for deciding to go vegan, but the deep reason for it at all that Great Spirit created our Earth to be a Paradise for all of us not just people but animals too. Ann, an author of  the book “Paradise paradigm and Veganism” was flabbergasted to learn that many diseases can be completely reversed by making simple changes in diet. Why are we just now learning this, when it should be headline news? More importantly, why aren't doctors practicing this? On top of that the ethical and environmental arguments were made by many researchers during last years which you can find extremely compelling. Listen to what vegans say and make your own decisions.

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Raw and Honest
by Andie   
Saturday, 21 February 2009

Raw FoodWould you like to save money, eat less, feel better, and help the environment all at once? A new revolution in eating, the raw food diet may lead you to do all of this and more. This edition of Towards Sustainability will delve into inner as well as outer sustainability. Are you familiar with Prana: the life force? According to Anandi, Prana is most available to humans in raw food. Listen to the following interview with Anandi from KOFPU to learn more about the benefits of raw food, her personal journey, and upcoming workshops so you can learn to cook and eat raw as well. “You are what you eat!”

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Parathas Festival
by Radio Team   
Thursday, 18 September 2008

RanjitaBharat Nivas Group organized a food festival called 'Paratha Wali Gully' at Kala Kendra from 29-31 August, 2008. Rangeeta Murada, chef and restauranteur who lives in Pondicherry initiated the idea and managed the kitchen. Some 300 people tasted her parathas over the 3 days and the festival was very successful. She speaks about parathas, the festival, her background and future plans.

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