Flushing the Cure Down the Toilet
by Andi   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
A curious crowd showed up on a Sunday morning (Photographer: Andi)Are we washing away a simple, medicinal and self-tailored tonic, which could heal our wounds, inside and out? According to Jim, a guest presenter from Australia, yes, we are indeed. Jim is a proponent and informal researcher of Auto-Urine Therapy, an ancient Indian healing practice. Quite well-known in India but not so often practised in the 21st century, urine therapy is presented by Jim as a cure to some of humanity's most-pressing health woes. This is a recording of an informal talk he gave at Quiet Healing Center last weekend.

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The first ten minutes are from a short interview recorded with Jim before the talk, and then the recording shifts to a live recording of his talk. Listening in to Jim's perspective (Photographer: Andi) Outlining the idea behind the practice (Photographer: Andi) Auto-Urine Therapy (Photographer: Andi) Some relavant literature (Photographer: Andi) Jim's Sunday talk at Quiet Healing Center (Photographer: Andi)