A lecture on schizophrenia
by Shooonya Frequency   
Friday, 05 April 2013
Dr. W.J.T. Mitchell (Photographer: Romel)Dr. WJT Mitchell, University of Chicago presents a lecture on Seeing Madness with slides and film clips in Adishakti - Auroville. In this program you will realize the great depths at which our mind operates and get a glimpse into what is the meaning of ' madness' literally. Dr. Mitchell presents his remarkable research work to make us understand how we are intrigued & excited by projection of madness & how easily it has become a part of our reality. The doctor famously quotes, "there will come a time when we wont know the meaning of madness".

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Dr. W.J.T. Mitchell, (Photographer: Romel) adishakti auditorium  (Photographer: Romel) fmous quote  (Photographer: Romel) human expressions (Photographer: Romel) adishakti team (Photographer: Romel) Dr. W.J.T. Mitchell (Photographer: Romel)