Auroville Marathon - 5
by Andrea and Divya   
Sunday, 12 February 2012
The Decision Watch (Photographer: Andrea)Feel the heat, the enthusiasm and the buzz of the Auroville Marathon - 5, in which almost 2000 people participated. As Jesse announces the winners, Andrea interviews runners and supporters from all across the country and the world who share their experiences. It's not just about running, as we found out, it's much about experiencing a new terrain, a different climate, new people, and also making a promise to oneself to aim higher next time.

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Starting Line (Photographer: Andrea) Bangalorean runners after the Marathon (Photographer: Andrea) The jam-packed massage corner (Photographer: Andrea) Marathon ambulance at the ready for medical assistance (Photographer: Andrea) Panels around Auroville (Photographer: Andrea) All smiles after a 10km run (Photographer: Andrea)