Thousands of Smiles
by Andrea   
Sunday, 10 February 2013

Plenty of smiles the all girls team. (Photographer: Andrea)A truly inspiring Sunday morning! More than 3000 people gathered at dawn at the Visitor Centre to participate to the 6th Auroville's marathon to run over the path and paved roads of Auroville. The most common word I've heard it's "awesome"... Believe me this interviews are barely edited and what it comes out is that the runners were just so happy! A very well organized event by the marathon team. Listen the voices of the runners about what they got from the experience of running in Auroville.

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Last meters before the arrival. (Photographer: Andrea) Part of the Hiderabad group... (Photographer: Andrea) Another Hiderabad group. (Photographer: Andrea) A picture for remember. (Photographer: Andrea) 21 km after... a big smile for everybody. (Photographer: Andrea) Ing-Marie 42 Km of trail, relaxed as after a massage. (Photographer: Andrea)