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Importance of International Zone

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Two General Meetings, two opportunities for residents to participate in governance of the city. Today at 4.30pm at Unity Pavilion, International Zone on sludge, tomorrow on revised FAMC mandate. The later will be followed by decision making process next Friday 19th on to ratify or not the revised mandate of FAMC. International Zone Coordination Team invites to a General Meeting of the International Zone Group on Monday, 15th at 3pm at Unity Pavilion. The Mission Statement for the IZ Coordination Team will be presented along with the progress reports. Trovadores meet tomorrow at 5pm at Unity Pavilion. ACT new time table.

The goal is not to lose oneself in the Divine Consciousness. The goal is to let the Divine Consciousness penetrate into Matter and transform it.
The Mother

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11 Sep / 2014

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ACT bus
time table
Every one can build, at Sacred Grove 13th 10am to 5pm
ARt Chakra
Rom Whitaker,
Karadi Malai Camp,
Karadi Malai Camp,