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Integral Wealth, Pottery, Jazz,..

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The Auroville Council invites us all for a special gathering with Jean-François Noubel on Tuesday, Jan. 24th from 4 – 6.30 pm at Unity Pavilion.- FROM SCARCE MONEY TO INTEGRAL WEALTH Can Auroville build a global gift economy?

Wednesday 25th January – at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture Meditation with the Peace Bell.

Events at Solitude Farm 25th Jazzwith Matt Littlewood Trio, , 29th January: FUNKY DANCE MUSIC, 1st February: A TRIBUTE TO PASTORIUS.

Wednesday January 25th, 3 to 4.30 pm at Certitude Dome we are invited to an Open Sharing”Our life is our school, this is our education”.

On Thursday 26th at 5.30pm at Savitri Bhavan Reading Room Divyanshi Chugh will share her last session on the theme of:Integral Health and Healing.

Thursday 26th January 3:30 pm at Citadine Art Gallery within Cirhuaurovilian Conversations Pashi on the topic of “Prosperity”.

Sunday 29th of January at 4pm we can witness New Darkali Sports Track inauguration.

GINGA SAROBA FESTIVAL (27th to 29th of January)Open to regular practitioners only, 3 days of events….With the presence of Mestre Branco, Prof. Pezao, Pé de Bode, Inst. Cameleao, Pierre,…

From 26th to 28th of January between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm at the Visitor’s Centre Auroville International Potters’ Market . On Saturday 28th of Jan at 7:30 pm Jazz-Café Concert Presents in collaboration with the Potter’s Market
“The funky side of life”.

On Friday 27th at 4pm at Unity Pavilion we can listen to a talk – Traditional African Medicines and its Role in Today’s Health Challenges by Dr Aunkh Chabalala, and talk from past week is reschedule.

28th and 29th January, at 7pm at Adishkati Monkey and The Mobile.

On Sunday January 29th or Monday January 30th at 7pm at The Matrimandir Garden of Unity we are invited to a selection from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, – “Man, sole awake …”

Consciousness is a reality inherent in existence. It is there even when it is not active on the surface, but silent and immobile; it is there even when it is invisible on the surface, not reacting on outward things or sensible to them, but withdrawn and either active or inactive within; it is there even when it seems to us to be quite absent and the being to our view unconscious and inanimate.
Vol 22 page 234

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