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Photographer:Shirin | Doshi and Luis Photographer:Shirin | Luis Feduchi presentation Photographer:Shirin | model Photographer:Shirin | model Photographer:Shirin | model Photographer:Shirin | Sauro, Doshi, Luis Photographer:Shirin | presentation of detailed development plan of residental zone 1&2

Interactions with Doshi on Plan

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Shri Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi, member of Governing Board, and chairman of TDC has visited the city for weekend, and as obvious consequence there was an interactive meeting with architects on the theme of Detailed Developmnet Pland for Residental Zone 1 and 2. Luis Feduchi presented his detailed plan of those two residential zones supporting with models, and documented in a book. As the discussion was going on there was a plea to put all those plan on intranet so it is available to anyone. The community will have time until the end of August to send feedback on proposed detailed plan.

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