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Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch (MIA studio) | From left: Andy Sheppard, Raiz, Fausto Mesolella Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch (MIA studio) | Rita Marcotulli Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch (MIA studio) | Raiz Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch (MIA studio) | Alessandro Paternesi Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch (MIA studio) | Ares Tavolazzi Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch (MIA studio) | Michele Rabbia Photographer:Coriolan Weihrauch (MIA studio) | Fausto Mesolella

Jazz – A tribute to Pink Floyd

Program by :

Tuesday night with excitement of completely  full Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas for the concert tribute to Pink Floyd by Rita Marcotulli Jazz Ensemble.
Pink Floyd in jazz? Some might have asked but what we heard was an unique fusion of known songs as from the early “Astronomy Domine?” and “Set the controls to the hart of the sun”, to the best known “Money”, “Us and them”, “The wall”, “Crazy diamond”, to the less known “Saint Tropez”, “Cyrrus minor”.
Pink Floysd’s songs interwoven with jazz solos of the members of the band went higher than audience’s expectations; and yet as very natural flow of clear electric pieces fused with jazz.
Presented by the Italian Pavilion.

Raiz – Voice
Rita Marcotulli – Pianoforte and keyboard
Andy Sheppard – Sax
Alessandro Paternesi – Drums
Ares Tavolazzi – Electric Bass
Michele Rabbia – percussion and electronics
Fausto Mesolella – Guitar and effects

More photos by Coriolan Weihrauch (Mia Studio) are available here:

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Clemens Jun 27, 2016 Reply

very nice, love it

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From left: Andy Sheppard, Raiz, Fausto Mesolella
Rita Marcotulli
Alessandro Paternesi
Ares Tavolazzi
Michele Rabbia
Fausto Mesolella