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Photographer:Renu | Johnny in Sante Photographer:Renu | Kids support Photographer:Renu | Excersising the leg

Johnny’s adventure-intro

Program by :

Johnny is recovering at Sante (the building that is about to be inaugurated). Listen to this introduction which sets the scene for his adventure. Stay tuned to hear what happened next … and hopefully the next time there will be no technical errors.

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Amando & Dhani Aug 12, 2015 Reply

Go Johnny Go !!!!
Get well mate.
Lots of Love, Peace, Well Wishes and a speedy recovery.

LOLLY Aug 13, 2015 Reply

Hope to see you up and about soon. Kisses

Methout Nicolas Aug 14, 2015 Reply

I wish you a fast recovery, and many good things to you in the future.

Peace love unity and havin fun

PS : a fan

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Johnny in Sante
Kids support
Excersising the leg