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Photographer:Andrea Kunkl | Dance from Madagascar telling story of fishermen Photographer:Andrea Kunkl | Drumming as a vital part of African life along with invitation to dance Photographer:Andrea Kunkl | Sharing food. Photographer:Andrea Kunkl | Ethiopian dress Photographer:Andrea Kunkl | Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony with popcorn by Mary, Taher and Marc Photographer:Fabienne | Amelia. Photographer:Andrea Kunkl | Rashid, Peirre(in front), X, X, Arthur, Mary, Taher and Christopher

Karibu Africa House

Program by :

Last night Africa House, Pavilion of African Culture in International Zone shared with the community at Unity Pavilion few glimpses of diversity of their culture. Evening started with real Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony with help of Marc, continued by screening of Kirikou, and followed by delicious dinner from Western parts of Africa. Aicha with group of dancers-Sumita, Kash, Esther, Pierre, Christopher, Clapton and Taher brought to us dances from Sudan, Rwanda and Madagascar. Short presentation of Kenya was shown in between, night ended dancing.

Dancing team Aicha, Sumita, Kash, Esther, Pierre, Christopher, Clapton and Taher.********Cooking team Tony, Mary, Rashid, Taher, Clapton, Eric, Arthur, Moses, Julie, Nadia,******** MCs Hannah and Arthur with Aicha *****drumming team Pierre, Eric, Rashid ******Kenyan presentation by Rashid, Christopher, Moses, Joseph, Julie ***poster design by Antonio ****************************************
All proceedings collected that night either in cash or by purchasing dinner go toward construction of temporary structures at Africa House, Pavilion of African Culture in International Zone

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