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Kino Cell, Panchayat SLI, Music

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Today at 5pm at SLI in Kottakari village Sustainable Livelihood Insitute invites us for a talk on Panchayat elections in India.

Tonight at 7.30pm at Visitor Centre we can listen to Nature Music Culture – Vayali Bamboo Orchestra from Kerala with Svaram Music Ensemble. They will have another show on Friday at 7.30pm at Udayam near Adishkati.

On Friday 30th of Septmeber at 8pm at CRIPA we are invited to LIVE MUSIC , concert of Catlonian, Spanish, French and English songs by Nuria- vocal, Matt – piano sax, Holger – bass viola, Shanks – guitar b vocals, Sreenath – drums

Saturday 1st of October at Pitanga at 6.30pm “In C and Beyond…” Concert of students from Australia’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music,
currently visiting Auroville with their Professor Kim Cunio and Charulatha Mani

On Saturday, October 1st, 10 am – 12 pm at Cinema Paradiso. Starting an AurovilleKINO CELL Kino is a global film movement designed to foster creativity amongst film lovers, amateur and professional filmmakers alike

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