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Photographer:Renu | Lionel Scheepmans Photographer:Renu | Lionel at the Radio studio

Lionel’s impressions of Auroville

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Lionel (a social anthropologist) visiting from Belgium shares his impressions from a month and half in Auroville. During his stay here he volunteered to help create the base information for making surveys by collecting and organizing data to create a sampling of our population.
He talks about the positive aspects of Auroville as well as the dangers we face and the possible political structures that could emerge based on a actual democracy.

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Georges Dec 28, 2014 Reply

Merci Lionel et Renu pour ce moment d’authenticité où un scientifique parle à partir de son vécu et de sa simple humanité, Par delà les mots, quelque chose se tisse: une invitation à une courageuse lucidité jointe à une grande confiance en l’être humain.

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15 Dec / 2014

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Lionel Scheepmans
Lionel at the Radio studio