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Photographer:The Unstitute | Lantern lighting Photographer:The Unstitute | The Svaram Team Photographer:The Unstitute | Chanting Circle Photographer:The Unstitute | Listeners and meditators Photographer:The Unstitute | Nadaprem Photographer:The Unstitute | Lighting lanterns Photographer:The Unstitute | Sky lanterns

Mahalakshmi Park Celebration

Program by :

A soundscape recorded at Mahalakshmi Park Musical Offering – Consecration Celebration of new a amphitheatre.
A group of artists and musicians are invoking Her qualities of Harmony.
Participants: Aurelio, Deepanam students and teachers, Emilie & Linus, Francois, Jyoti, Mantra Chanting Group, Nadaprem, Raja, Samul and Caipoeiristis, Santra, Shakti, Swaha and Vera, The Svaram Team, AV Road Service are bringing bells, Slokas, Marimbas, Xylophones, Nyckelharpa, Mantras, Viola, Berimbao, Adabaque, Pandeiros, Accordian, Guitar, Voices, Percussions, Land art, oil lamps, candles, lampions, sky lanterns… in an aspiration to create a new communal atmosphere of listening, joy, wonder and gratitude for Auroville.

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01 Feb / 2016

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Lantern lighting
The Svaram Team
Chanting Circle
Listeners and meditators
Lighting lanterns
Sky lanterns