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Matrimandir Book Release

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On Saturday, the 20th of December, a varied set of people gathered at Citadines to celebrate the launch of the book on Matrimandir, featuring photographs by Dominique Darr who has seen the Matrimandir evolve right from its days of foundation to the final glory of completion.
The interviews feature Parthiv Shah, a photographer from Delhi involved with the design process of the book; Max, a new member of the AVI visiting the gallery; Ravindra, who’s been welcoming people at the Matrimandir since a while; Francine, a photographer and close friend of Dominique; Fredrick, who has been in Auroville since before its foundation and was a close associate of Roger Anger and Devasmita Patnayak, a part of AVI France, who laid the building stones of Matrimandir as a child, and a friend of the author of the book.
These are just a few amongst the countless people who’s lives have been touched by the soul of the city, the Matrimandir and share their personal set of experiences and interactions with some of the prominent people such as the architect Roger Anger as well. Set amidst the beautiful ambience of the gallery; respecting the austerity and delicate nature of the book, many people were seen sporting white gloves as they turned the pages of the book that unraveled the mystical creation called Matrimandir.
It was an occasion of triumph, of merriment, as the people of Auroville paid a tribute to Mother’s beautiful symbol, her aspiration, her last gift to Auroville.

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23 Dec / 2014

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Ardent Gloved Glances at the Book
Picture Gallery
Book Viewing Area
The book in all its glory
Dominique Darr, author of the book
Ecstatic Celebrations of the book launch
Picture from the book