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Photographer:Laura | Richard and Kailas in front row at presentation Photographer:Laura | Matrimandir Garden Plan with Lake Photographer:Laura | Petal Garden Photographer:Laura | Richard Photographer:Laura | Mira and Mark Photographer:Laura | Garden of Life

Matrimandir Gardens Presentation

Program by :

Mira and Mark presented their plans for the  gardens to the public at Cinema Paradiso on August 31.
Special guests were Richard and Kailas who spoke frequently with The Mother regarding her conceptions for the garden.
Kailas had strong comments on the Garden of Life. Audience comments related to water use, creating gardens which bloomed in late afternoon, possible recreational use for the gardens and music.
The entire presentation will be on AVNet with a period for comments opening soon. 

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Juergen Apr 07, 2015 Reply

The description contains factual errors and AV Radio is informed and ask to correct them.

Andrea Apr 08, 2015 Reply

The article was changed with the suggestions given by Juergen. 🙂

Marcus Apr 24, 2015 Reply

Hello, is there a web-page where we can find out more informations? or please an email address to contact to learn more? thank you

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Richard and Kailas in front row at presentation
Matrimandir Garden Plan with Lake
Petal Garden
Mira and Mark
Garden of Life