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Modern Jazz Dance

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In todays news Margherita invites us to a Modern Jazz Dance Workshop on December 7th and 8th at CRIPA in Kalabhumi. The Study group for Participatory Working Groups & a New Selection Process for the Working Committee and AV Council recently had a joint meeting with the Working Committee, AV Council and RAS. As a result, the participatory event’ and 3rd GM on the topic, with a questions and answers session, will be rescheduled. All are invited to Discoveries of Fire tomorrow at 8pm at the Visitor Centre.

Modern Jazz Dance Workshop, at Cripa, with Margherita on Saturday December 7th at 9-10.30 for beginners and at 11-12.30 non-beginners, and again on Sunday December 8th at 14-15.30 for beginners and at 15.30-17 for non-beginners. Please call to register: 9585335776. Margherita, an Italian professional dancer and dance teacher, spent four years at the Dance Academy of Teatro alla Scala, Milano (La Scala Ballet School). She has danced with several choreographers at Teatro alla Scala, such as with Susan Kikuchi and Adria Ferrali from Marta Graham Dance Company in New York, Olivia Kwong, Roberto Fascilla and Caterina Buratti (Katherine Dance Company). She received a degree in Educational Science from Università Bicocca di Milano and a Ballet Diploma issued by Alidanza, CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and Libertas. She has worked as a dance teacher and an educator in several schools and countries, including Italy, South Korea (Seoul), Indonesia (Ubud, Bali), and Cambodia (Phonm Penh). Margherita would love to start regular modern jazz dance classes for all levels at Cripa every Thursday at 4.45-6pm. The Class will start on December 12th, for more information please call 9585335776. She would also love to meet other dancers and musicians to create a show and a performance, ideally mixing modern jazz dance and ballet with other kinds of dance, and with music and other art forms as well. ********************************************************************************************** The secret of success in Yoga is to regard it not as one of the aims to be pursued in life but as the one and only aim, not as an important part of life, but as the whole of life. Sri Aurobindo

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