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Photographer:Loretta | Sri Aurobindo's Symbol in Mother's Symbol, Design by Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Mother, 21/1/60 Photographer:Ashram Archives | Mother, 14/1/60

Mother's Q & A – 21 Sept 1955

Program by :

Mother’s Questions and Answers,
September 21, 1955

Mother speaks about the increasing commercial mentality in the world, and how the world is ill. She explains about the production of cheap books on many subjects, including literature. She explains that the level of the arts is degraded and that the level of what is printed in books is lowered so that more people will buy them. She explains about the necessity for children to have an integral progress in order to develop fully so that their spiritual ascent will be better. This week we have the original French tape recording of Mother’s class, and this particular recording is very special because, for the first time, we have the recording of Mother reading the material before the questions and answers start.

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Sri Aurobindo's Symbol in Mother's Symbol, Design by Mother
Mother, 21/1/60
Mother, 14/1/60